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Ce n'est qu'ensemble que nous parviendrons à maîtriser le coronavirus ! C'est pourquoi, dans le Limbourg du Sud, nous nous en tenons à la feuille de route du gouvernement. Consultez les sites web des fournisseurs pour connaître les mesures en vigueur pour la restauration, les institutions culturelles, les cinémas, les musées, les établissements d'hébergement, les saunas, les casinos et les bibliothèques.

Welcome to Zuid-Limburg

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Welcome to Zuid-Limburg! Relax and enjoy life in the southernmost province of the Netherlands. Experience its warm hospitality, be surprised by its culture, and delight in its extraordinary natural beauty. An unforgettable experience guaranteed!

Visit Zuid-Limburg
Relax and enjoy life!


Discover Zuid-Limburg

  1. Discover Zuid-Limburg

    Discover Zuid-Limburg The Zuid-Limburg region borders on Germany in the east and on Belgium on the west and south. As the centre of this border triangle, Zuid-Limburg boasts a limitless variety in a small space.

  2. Highlights

    Highlights No matter what the weather, there are countless ways to spend an unforgettable day full of variety. In Zuid-Limburg you will never get bored!

  3. Goodnight

    Goodnight Zuid-Limburg offers a wide variety of options in a small space and not just in terms of leisure activities. Even with the overnight accommodation, the region has plenty to offer. There is something suitable for everyone here!

  4. Active Zuid-Limburg

    Active Zuid-Limburg Go out exploring and enjoy Zuid-Limburg’s breathing space!

  5. Events

    Events The many facets of Zuid-Limburg can also be seen in the large number of cultural events on offer. Zuid-Limburg is virtually bursting with cultural activities!


Discover the region by bus or train with the popular OV-ToerPas – the ideal travel product for tourists in Zuid-Limburg.

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